Marteinn Thorsson filmmaker, aims to make the full length documentary “THE STORY BEHIND HISTORY” about The Equator Memorial Project

Thorsson was born in Reykjavik, Iceland and is a dual citizen of Iceland and Canada. He graduated from Ryerson University, in Toronto, Canada, with a B.F.A. degree in Film Studies in 1993 and a 65Kminute film noir, DIARY OF AN ASSASSIN.
In 2004 Marteinn co-wrote and co-directed with Jeff Renfroe the feature ONE POINT 0 (a.k.a. 1.0, a.k.a. Paranoia: 1.0) starring Jeremy Sisto, Deborah Kara Unger, Udo Kier and Lance Henriksen.
ONE POINT 0 was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival, and subsequently sold to 43 countries worldwide and won awards in places around the globe.
Variety Magazine
put Marteinn on its 10 Directors To Watch List in 2004.

His second feature ROKLAND (Stormland, 2011) has travelled to festivals around the world and its leads won best actor (Olafur Darri Olafsson) and best supporting actress (Elma Lísa Gunnarsdóttir) at the Icelandic Edda Awards 2011.
His third feature is the very controversial XL (2013), which reunited him with Olafur Darri Olafsson and Elma Lísa Gunnarsdóttir, amongst others. XL won Best Actor at The Karlovy Vary International Film Festival and was nominated for 11 Edda Awards.
His 4th feature, the supernatural horror, UNA, is now in the financing stages and is produced by Gudrun Edda Thorhannesdottir at DUO Productions.
Marteinn has also created award winning promos for Astral Media and other TV networks in Canada, as well as Music Videos and Promos. 

AWARDS/NOMINATIONS (SELECTED) 2013 – EDDA Awards – Nominations (Best Screenplay, Best Film, Best Director, Best Editor – XL) 2013 – Karlovy Vary – Crystal Globe Nominations (Best Film, Best Director K XL) 2005 – EDDA Awards – Nominations (Best Film, Best Director – 1.0) 2004 – Sundance Film Festival – Grand Jury Prize Nomination (1.0) 2004 – Variety 10 Director’s To Watch 2001 – 2004: PROMAX/BDA Awards for various Movie Promos, (Astral Media, The Movie Network).