Ksenija Zapadenceva (LT) is co-producer for the production by Fahad Falur Jabali, OCTOBER PRODUCTIONS and FORTY THOUSAND SEVENTY FOUR KILOMETRES (IS) of the full lenght documentary THE STORY BEHIND HISTORY about The Equator Memorial Project.

She work as Project representative, assistant to Mr. Sigmarsson for the creation of his art pieces and Art Studio Manager and a owner of / STUDIJA VILNIUS which is co-producer from Lithuania for the documentary and co-partner of The Equator Memorial Project.

UAB / STUDIJA VILNIUS / co-partner is in charge for the Lithuanian in collaboration with the team of The Equator Memorial Project. The company will be in control of the art studio in Vilnius as well as being responsible for deliver assistance and services to the artists, art pieces and its exhibitions. The company will as well provide and organise companies, art framers and professionals to work all glass material and design, create and build all the art frames of the functional objects and the installations which the artists create for the exhibitions. The frames will partly be worked from the material of the historical ruins in collaboration with the artists. The company will as well be in charge of printing all the material, such as; brochures, flyers, postcards, posters, art prints & book of collection as well as create the design for all material, such as brochures, flyers, posters, art prints & book of collection.