Mattias Koch (DE) is Project Representative in Germany for The Equator Memorial Project. Koch will work with the Icelandic partner leading company 40,074KM EHF, Mr. Gunnarsson and Ms. Zoega on the project management in Germany.

Educations;1999 Abitur, Gymnasium Bad Bramstedt,1999 – 2000 social service at a residential and nursing home, 2000 – 2002 Christian Albrechts Universität (CAU) zu Kiel / philosophy, 2002 – 2013 main course: “Newer German Literature and Media Science” sub courses: „Political Science“ and 2013“European Ethnology” degree: Magister Artium „Hitler Parodies“, final grade 2,6 Special Qualifications from 2001 – 2009; six month internship at the local radio broadcasting studio “R.SH”, special qualification „Cultural Management“ (CAU) and student assistant at the institute of agricultural economics.

Projects relating art & managements from 2005 – 2015; „Aufwind – Wind Richtung Kultur“: cultural management
„Nachtcafé“ and „Blauer Engel“: moderation and project assistant special events „Kultur? Freiheit!“: cultural management of an open air literature event „Eden darum“: cultural management of an open air literature event
artist- management in Berlin and Hamburg „Prima Kunst“: art auction in Kiel „Viva con Agua Wassertage“: 

moderation and management in Kiel „Mobilcom Debitel“: moderation and coaching for social skills Germany „Muthesius Kunsthochschule“: exam presentation in Kiel „Galerie Umtrieb“: assistant to the galerist for events and fairs „Filmfest Hamburg“: moderation, interviews and q&a „ŠKODA Roadshow“: coaching and moderation throughout Germany “Neu West Berlin”: cultural and artists management “Vodafone”: coaching throughout Germany and Egypt “42Promotion” project manager special events in Berlin and Germany.