Johann Sigmarsson / Curriculum Vitae 

The Artist, filmmaker Johann Sigmarsson was born in 1969 in Reykjavík, Iceland. “PLAN B report ” is his third feature film. “ONE FAMILY” was his second, and “WALLPAPER”, his debut, is one of the most popular movies ever made in Iceland. His career began in 1988 with the TV production company in Reykjavik, + Film ehf. From 1988-2002 Sigmarsson worked on 500-600 of short films, music videos, TV shows and series. He had studio in Reykjavik from 1989-1992 where he was painting and doing iron sculptures. Sigmarsson began working on the script of ONE FAMILY, besides creating the Reykjavik Shortfilm Festival in 1992. The idea was to create a forum for young film makers to get together and show their work as well as to generate interest in film. That festival discovered several filmmakers that has later been recognised and get international awards, like “Un Certain Regards in Cannes Film Festival. 2001 Sigmarsson was awarded official recognition for the 10th festival by the Minister of Culture and Science in Iceland.

For his second film, ONE FAMILY, Sigmarsson himself is the script writer, producer and director. British Film Institute quoted that the film is one of the most important cult movie in Icelandic cinema. He was finishing his third film in full length, “PLAN B Report” in 2000. The script was supported in by the European Script Fund. It is the only film in the history of Icelandic cinema that got all four filmmakers from Iceland which has been nominated in different times for Oscars Academy Awards from the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences. Sigmarsson has always produced the sound tracks of his films under the label of Bad Taste LTD. His films has been screened at festivals and in cinema, TV, VHS, DVD distribution around the world. Sigmarsson cofounded the Icelandic Film Company in 1991. He produced his last film, “Plan B Report” through the Icelandic Film Corporation ehf. Sigmarsson lived and worked in Berlin from 2001 – 2011 writing film scripts; Gentlemen Alone,The Hidden People and The Poisoned Chalice. All three titles are feature film projects in development, supported by European Union, Nipkow program, Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg, Nordic Film and TV Fund, and the Icelandic Film Centre. Since late 2013 he has been concentrating on developing “The Equator Memorial Project” an international, itinerant artists project.



1985 – 1986 – The Reykjavík Technical College – Metalwork and mechanical engineering

1986 – 1987 – The Reykjavík Technical College – Technical Drawing
1988 – 1990 – The Reykjavik School of Visual Art – Paintings


1992 – 900 Drawings and Storyboard at Mocca in Reykjavík
2011 – Co-idea for exhibition in End of Psüch Galerie Melike Bilir in Hamburg
2012 – Bird on the Shore, Environmental accidents – Disasters and damage in the nature in Dead Gallery in Reykjavík

2013 – The Art of being Icelandic – Group exhibition in co operation with Reykjavík UNESCO, City of Literature. Designed and handmade furniture in old pinewood recycled from the Harbor of Reykjavík, which was constructed between 1913 and 1917 exhibited in Reykjavík City Hall.
2013 – Saatci Gallery – “Handmade armchair” name of the piece; The Gift of the Spirit) by Johann Sigmarsson. The armchair was selected at The World Interiors News Annual Awards 2013, wich is part of The World Architecture News.

2014 The armchair, The Gift of the Spirit got Runner-up for A’Design Award and the desk, Something Regal by Johann Sigmarsson is A’Design Winner at the A’Design Award & Competition in Milan.
2014 – Group Exhibition – Broletto di Como at Piazza Del Duomo, 22100, Como / Italy.

2016 – 2017 – Harpa, Concert Hall and Conference Centre in Reykjavík exhibit a collection of art pieces from The Equator Memorial Project / International itinerant artists project opened December 15, when it was formally 60 years from the beginning of the diplomatic relations between Iceland and Japan. The first exhibition which is achieved partly in collaboration with the Embassy of Japan was opened by the President of Iceland, Mr. Guðni Th. Jóhannesson and Ambassador, Mr. Yasuhiko Kitagawa. The theme of the exhibition is material from Hiroshima and Reykjavík Harbour with historical informations on the pieces.

Established, co-foundation of companies and organizations:

1991 – Founded and established The Icelandic Filmcompany, a private limited company
1992 – Founded and established The Reykjavík Shortfilm Festival
1992 – Co-foundation and Patron of THE ALTERNATIVE HOUSE, a cultural and information centre for young people aged 16-25. The centre offers various help and advice, runs an art workshop, a gallery, employment agency and a Special Unit that works with and encourages disabled individuals. 1992 – Co-foundation of The Independent Art Festival in Reykjavík 1997 – 2000 – Producer for the Icelandic Film Corporation ehf 2001 – Founded SR Production, a private limited company
2013 – Founded 40.074KM, a private limited company 2013 – Entrepreneur of The Equator Memorial Project, an international, itinerant artists project.

2016 Johann Sigmarsson bought company in Lithuania (STUDIJA VILNIUS) to establish Art Studio for creating the art pieces and functional objects for The Equator Memorial Project.

Feature films:

1992 – Wallpaper / producer, writer, second director

1995 – One Family / producer, writer, director

2000 – Plan B Report / producer, writer, director

Feature films projects in development:     

Gentleman Alone / writer

The Hidden People / writer
The Poisoned Chalice / writer

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