Halldór Ásgeirsson artist is born in Reykjavik 1956. He has from the beginning worked mainly with the four elements earth, water, air and fire which he express through different media such as paintings, films, poetry, performances, installations, environmental works etc.

The theme of his works is often based on the natural characteristics of his country like the volcanic activities but in 1992 Halldór began to weld lava stones. When the lava is heated it become red and fluid in few seconds and melts before finally transform into a black glass. For some years Halldor have been working on his volcano project in different part of the world like in French, Italy, Japan and China. The aim is melting the six continents in union – disunion – union. ” There is magma inside the earth and the magma flows from volcanos to the surface of the earth where it turns into lava as it becomes cold and solid. Although you cannot tell which part of magma comes up in Iceland or which in Japan, lava is origianally from the same magma. What does this act of trying to weld the lava stones together to unite them mean ? For me, thease mysterious letters written on the wall looked like a message from earth, encouraging intercultural dialogue. ” Atsuo Yamamoto

From the lava glass he began to experiment with clear glass, water and light. He began working with muscians like the CAPUT Ensemble, one of Europe´s leading new music ensemble. At EXPO in Aichi, Japan on 15th of july 2005 during the musical performance he “draw” ever changing water color “paintings” by using overhead projector, a glass box filled with water, ink colors and a dropper. The aim was an intense dialogue between the visual and audible. Halldór Ásgeirsson is also a traveller and he systematically turns his journeys into a creative source and transforms his memories from them into a visual world which appears in his drawings, installations and performances, where he works with e.g. flags, colours, visual symbols, the melting of lava and water. His career spans over three decades of private and group exhibitions around the  world.


Education : 1977-80 and 1983-86 L´Université de Paris 8 Vincennes-St.Denis (dept.Arts Plastiques).