Glúmur Baldvinsson (IS) is the project coordinator for The Equator Memorial Project and will work with the production team on the operation.

EDUCATION; 1995 – 1997 UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI MA in International Affairs and International Business • Main focus on international trade, international law and the global political economy 1993 – 1994, LONDON SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS MSc in International Relations and European Affairs • Final thesis: The EEA and the Future of EFTA 1989 – 1992 UNIVERSITY OF ICELAND BA in Political Science and Economics • Final Thesis: The EEA Agreement and the Fisheries Part. WORK EXPERIENCE; 2015 – IRD, Amman, Jordan  Manager of Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting • International Relief and Development, IRD, launched a crisis response to IDPs in Syria in 2013. They deliver food and non-food items to IDPs and the most vulnerable of the population suffering from the conflict in southern Syria. He is writing a book on his experiences in Africa, Middle East, Afghanistan, and other parts of the world. The book is based on journals written from 2008 to 2015. The intent of the book is to portray a relatively unknown world to the Icelandic population. 2011 – 2012  ISAF/NATO,  Kabul, Afghanistan Deputy Director Development • Served as Deputy Director of the Development Directorate and was acting as Director on many occasions. Supported, assisted and represented the Division in high level policy planning and assessment work groups relevant to development in Afghanistan. Ensured that branch products met required standards regarding substance and relevance prior to delivery to the Command Group, of ISAF HQ, subordinate Commands and international partners. 2008 – 2011 Icelandic International Development Agency, Monkey Bay,  Malawi, Project Manager – Water and Sanitation (WASH) • In charge of a team of 30 responsible for providing the roughly 110 thousand inhabitants of TA Nankumba in Mangochi District access to clean, potable water and improved sanitation facilities. The overall objective of the Project was to improve health and prosperity in the area by reducing water related diseases, such as cholera and diarrhea.  Approximately USD 3.5 million has been allocated to the Project.  All major targets had been achieved by the end of the project period in December 2010. The Project was highly rated in a regular independent external review conducted in 2009 and 2011.  2007 – 2008 ICEAID, Icelandic Humanitarian NGO, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Project Manager • The project focused on assisting in modernizing a pharmaceutical plant in Arusha, Tanzania. The aim was to facilitate the production of medicine against deadly diseases such as HIV/AIDS, malaria and cholera etc. As Project Manager he facilitated the donation of funds, formula and equipment to complete the project. The main donation came from an Icelandic based pharmaceutical company. 2005 – 2006  Channel 2, Iceland TV News Reporter and Talk Show Host • Reported on domestic and international news and hosted a Sunday morning program focusing on major news topics. 2005 – 2005 World Food Programme (WFP), Colombo, Sri Lanka Reporting Officer • Tsunami, Sri Lanka: Worked for the United Nations Joint Logistics Centre, a subdivision of the WFP, responsible for facilitating logistics coordination in complex emergencies. My task was to analyse and disseminate logistics data to UN agencies and other emergency relief organization in order to coordinate operations and avoid duplication of efforts. The ultimate aim was to ensure the delivery of necessities, such as food and medicine, to people in need in an effective and timely manner. 2004 – 2004  World Food Programme (WFP), Monrovia, Liberia Reporting Officer • In the aftermath of the Accra Peace Agreement signed in August 2003 the UN Joint Logistics Centre, UNJLC, moved in to help coordinate logistics. 2003 – 2004  World Food Programme (WFP), Dubai, UAE Reporting Officer • 1999 – 2003 European Free Trade Association (EFTA), Brussels, Belgium Information and Media Relations Officer • His task was to revive the EFTA Secretariat’s information and PR system.  This included a new website – equipped with extra- and intranet – and updated publications.  He also re-established and edited the EFTA Bulletin.  He was editor of the EFTA Annual Report, dealt with the media and organised press meetings, work-shops and conferences. In addition, he worked as a Trainee and Temporary Officer at the EFTA Secretariat in Geneva from 09.1997 to 08.1998. 1998 – 1999  RUV TV 1, Iceland TV News Reporter and Talk Show Host • News Reporter on TV. Reported on domestic and world affairs. The job involved journalistic research, news writing and live presentation on TV. I regularly worked as an anchorman in major evening news broadcasts.

TRAINING; Training and Workshop in Programme Management, University of Iceland, Reykjavik, Iceland, March 2008 Logistics Training and Workshop The World Food Programme, WFP, Italy and Tanzania, June/July 2006 Workshop in the Coordination of Emergency Relief Operations UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, OCHA, Finland, June 2004  / LANGUAGES: Icelandic, English, Norwegian, French.blettir4