Product name; DreamHeaven – all pieces numbered and in limited amount. Handmade and designed by Johann Sigmarsson. 


Handmade double bed, oil varnished. Solid Pinewood, recycled from Reykjavík Harbor. The bed is very tasteful and in a Japanese style. It is quick to disassemble and put together again. There are no screws. The bottom struts and side struts are lying on the bed’s legs. The sides are sawn so that they close together fitting into the legs.








Place of origin: Iceland. Date: 2011-2013

2013 – The Art of Being Icelandic. Group exhibition in Reykjavík City Hall. 

In co-operation with Reykjavík UNESCO, City of Literature. 

Designed and handmade furniture in old pinewood recycled from Reykjavík Harbor, which was constructed between 1913 and 1917.