40,074KM EHF / Partner leader from Iceland. Representative; Jóhann Sigmarsson 

40,074KM is a private limited company founded by Jóhann Sigmarsson in August 2013 for designing, building furniture & creating art works, producing concerts, exhibitions & all kinds of events in art section and in filmmaking. It was given the name 40,074KM, which is the length of the Equator. 

The company is responsible for The Equator Memorial Project, International, itinerant Artists project. It has been developing the art project and preparing its platform. It is responsible for collecting the historical material / ruins together in cooperation with its governments and institutions, furthermore the company is finding the international companies, co-partners to participate in the art project.

07 MEDIA AS / Co-partner from Norway. Representative; Henrik Hartberg. 

07 Media deliver services to customers within communication and publishing. Being one of the leading environments in Scandinavia, employing 270 people dedicated to supplying quality in all areas, small, medium and large customers. Customers can benefit from a large scope of services, providing them with possibilities to influence and communicate with customers in many different media channels in an effective way. Starting with creating the good idea, 07 Media delivers all relevant services necessary for exploiting the intention and meaning it. 07 Media focuses on its corporate social responsibility, and is also a leading supplier of environmentally friendly solutions for publishing. 07 Media was founded originally in 1968 and is a limited company. 07 MEDIA co-partner will print all the material, such as; brochures, flyers, postcards, posters, art prints & book of collection for The Equator Memorial Project.

Ogilvy Danmark / Co-partner from Denmark. Representative; Thomas Martin Hansen

At Ogilvy Denmark we believe our role is to fulfil the client brand’s potential. Based on a strong communication strategy we develop attention-getting communication, by which creativity and effectiveness goes hand-in-hand. We believe that all communication is routed in the true purpose of the brand’s best self and true to the brand’s image and identity. All guiding actions, both big and small, must deliver on that brand promise. To every audience that brand has. At every brand intersection point. At all times. This is what makes a strong brand. And, most importantly, what sells! Ogilvy Denmark is part of one of the largest marketing communications networks in the world. That gives us the access to a world wide network of the latest knowledge and experience in the world of marketing communications. Allowing us to be on-top of trends and a tremendous access to cases and best practices. The Copenhagen based agency is comprised of specialist units within advertising; branding and identity; shopper, promotion, and retail marketing; healthcare communications; direct, digital, social, and CRM marketing. We service a broad spectra of national and international clients operating in markets – also of high complexity. OGILVY DANMARK will create the design for all material, such as brochures, postcards, flyers, posters, art prints & book of collection, web of The Equator Memorial Project.

Art House SomoS / Co-partner from Germany. Representative; Paulus Fugers

Art House SomoS provides space and resources for presentation and production of the arts. SomoS organizes its own cultural events and closely works with artists, organizers and curators to realize their projects. The mission to create an international open platform for innovative arts, exhibitions, education, music and creative cooperation and it provides a spacious gallery, beautiful and comfortable ateliers and guest rooms, a semi-public salon and kitchen; and unique music production facilities.

The SomoS Art House is situated on the first floor of a 1890′s mixed residential/commercial building at Kottbusser Damm 95 in the popular creative area dubbed Kreuzkölln, where the Kreuzberg and Neukölln neighborhoods meet; a stylishly renovated historic space that has functioned through the years as a 1920′s Kaffeehaus; from this lovingly renovated and inspiring space SomoS organizes its own cultural events and closely works with artists and curators to realize their own projects. SomoS’ organizers have extensive experience in curating, educational, and audio visual and food-art event organization, music production, media- and visual art. At SomoS’ new location the creative projects of the former art space Kunstraum Richard Sorge and the Playground Berlin crew are continued; embedded in a broader practice, involving cooperation, art production and education.

Creative Sector & Context Categories; Fine Arts, Curator, performance, Archive & Research, recording studio, Sound Studios, Studios and Studio Apartments, Co-Working. Art House Somos co-partner will organise and provide historical material, material for art pieces, crew and schedule the work of the international artists in cooperation with the team of 40,074KM EHF.

CHURTICHAGA+QUADRA-SALCEDO arquitectos / Co-partner from Spain. Representative; Josemaría de Churtichaga.


February 1995 – Present (20 years 8 months) Madrid Area, Spain

In 1995 Josemaría de Churtichaga and Cayetana de la Quadra-Salcedo founded the firm, CHURTICHAGA + QUADRA-SALCEDO architecture & resorces (www.chqs.net). Since then the office has designed and built several buildings, focussing mainly on public buildings, cultural facilities and infrastructure obtained as the result of national and international competitions. The work of the office is focused on the intimate relation between physical and unphysical aspects, trying to understand architecture as a sensorial interface, as an atmosphere between the man and the environment. From its foundation, ch+qs has designed, City Councils, Sports Pavillions and facilities, Libraries, Cultural Centers, Cinema Centers, Coworking infrastructures, Kiosks, Refuges, Collective Houses, Special Private Houses, Small cities in the Sahara for Petrol companies, Furniture, Books, Typographies… in a deliberate rejection to the specialization, since we believe on “transfusions” between all the creative problems, independently of its nature and climbs.

Buildings and projects have received awards and prizes and have been widely published in national and international publications and books as Architectural Record, New York Times, International Herald Tribune, Detail, Mark, Frame, etc. Among the distinctions are Mies van der Rohe Prize (selected), and first prizes from the following: LAMP Prize 2013, COAM Prize 2013, Archdaily Building of the Year 2012, FAD Prize 2012, COAM prize 2012, Public Space European Award 2012 (finalist), ENOR International Young Architects Prize 2007, ENOR Prize 2005, CAM Madrid Regional Government Prize 2003, Bigmat Prize, INC. Magazine NY Prize World Coolest Office (2nd) 2011. CHURTICHAGA+QUADRA-SALCEDO arquitectos will design and organise the set up all of the exhibitions for The Equator Memorial Project.

GALERIE PASCAL LAINÉ / Co-partner from France. Representative; Pascal Lainé 

From the outset in 1988, the Galerie Pascal Lainé is showing an eclectic choice of artist, who mostly have a studio in Provence, and also a few world renowned. The last years in Gordes have been dedicated to Victor Vasarely, where after the closing of his museum, the gallery kept his presence in Gordes with a permanent exhibition. 

After 13 years in Gordes, the gallery moved to Avignon. The big exhibition la Beauté, and the opening of the Yvon Lambert Collection spurred this new implantation. It will be marked by a large retrospective show of Joe Downing at the Cloister Saint Louis, after which the Musée Calvet from Avignon bought a large painting and 9 collages with staples from the 50’s. In 2007 Jean-Philippe Lacroze and Pascal Lainé moved the gallery to a larger space in Ménerbes at the foot of the Luberon. The opening on 2007 has been dedicated to recent work of Joe Downing who has been represented since 1993 by the gallery. This close and long co-operation gave birth to many graphic editions and in particular during 2005 a portfolio with poems and lithographs named “ A Ménerbes” 

GALERIE PASCAL LAINÉ / co-partner, is directory of curatorial and will be authoritative for work with the international artists on the creation of the art pieces and directors and curators from the museums / galleries which are cooperating with the art project. They will interpret the artworks, select them and be responsible for writing labels, catalog essays and other supporting content for the exhibitions in cooperation with the curatorial team, provide art historians, historians, writers, translators and create professional publication / communication to the public and media such as various of articles, interviews, preface of the book of collection, for seminar and opening speeches, academic, journalistic writing which can be distributed in newspapers, magazines, TV, official site and all kinds of web media, etc.

STUDIJA VILNIUS /  Co-partner from Lithuania. Representative; Ksenija Zapadenceva & Kristina Mickevičiūtė

STUDIJA VILNIUS / co-partner is in charge for the Lithuanian operation in collaboration with the team of The Equator Memorial Project. The company will be in control of building, establishing and coordinating the art studio in Vilnius as well as being responsible for deliver assistance and services to the artists, art pieces and its exhibitions. All the project historical material and the creation of the art pieces will be scheduled and worked in the art studio, accommodation for guest international artists and crew, film studio and the main operation of the project will be situated there for its headquarters etc.

STUDIJA VILNIUS / co-partner is in control of building, establishing and coordinating the art studio in Vilnius as well as being responsible for deliver assistance and services to the artists, art pieces and its exhibitions.