40,074KM EHF / partner leader / Iceland is a private limited company founded by Jóhann Sigmarsson in August 2013 for designing, building furniture & creating art works, producing concerts, exhibitions & all kinds of events in art section and in filmmaking. It was given the name 40,074KM, which is the length of the Equator. The company is responsible for The Equator Memorial Project, International, itinerant Artists project. It has been developing the art project and preparing its platform. It is responsible for collecting the historical material / ruins together in cooperation with its governments and institutions, furthermore the company is finding the international companies, co-partners to participate in the art project. The intention is to expand the international group of the artists and the team that are now available who travel between countries, building functional objects, creating artworks and sculptures from historical monuments. It will be established in cooperation with other artists and businesses, in the countries were the materials derive. When the project is completed it will be exhibited on a specific heritage site or at galleries or museums suitable for the project. 40,074KM EHF will design and organise the set up all of the exhibitions and is directory of curatorial and will be authoritative for work with the international artists on the creation of the art pieces and directors and curators from the museums / galleries which are cooperating with the art project. They will interpret the artworks, select them and be responsible for writing labels, catalog essays and other supporting content for the exhibitions in cooperation with the curatorial team, provide art historians, historians, writers, translators and create professional publication / communication to the public and media such as various of articles, interviews, preface of the book of collection, for seminar and opening speeches, academic, journalistic writing which can be distributed in newspapers, magazines, TV, official site and all kinds of web media.


Art House SomoS./ German co-partner will organise and provide historical material, material for art pieces, crew and schedule the work of the international artists in cooperation with the team of 40,074KM EHF at Studio FLUTGRABEN e.v.
UAB / STUDIJA VILNIUS / co-partner is in charge for the Lithuanian in collaboration with the team of The Equator Memorial Project. The company will be in control of the art studio in Vilnius as well as being responsible for deliver assistance and services to the artists, art pieces and its exhibitions. The company will as well provide and organise companies, art framers and professionals to work all glass material and design, create and build all the art frames of the functional objects and the installations which the artists create for the exhibitions. The frames will partly be worked from the material of the historical ruins in collaboration with the artists. The company will as well be in charge of printing all the material, such as; brochures, flyers, postcards, posters, art prints & book of collection as well as create the design for all material, such as brochures, flyers, posters, art prints & book of collection.