An environmental disaster is damage done to natural environments, as a grand side effect of human activities conquering the world. Changes to the human ecosystem caused by men interfering with the law of nature, often leads to horrifying and devastating chronic effects on earth and its inhabitants. Pollution and greedy deploring environmental resources, has a terrible consequences on both agriculture and biodiversity. Poisoned landscapes will terminate or severely injure any human, animal or plant living there, and this state of humanity´s unbalanced taking grant of nature automatically creates economic crises all over the world.

The work is a symbol for the importance of environmental protection. The artist describes through his work an environmental disaster,  in the form of sculptures where oil contaminated waste has leaked into the sea and infect the bird on the shore. Four pieces made a private exhibition in Dead Gallery in Reykjavík in June 2012. The event generally got very positive feedback from it´s visitors. One piece is left. 

Bird on the Shore / 120x60cm about 18kg, mixed technics on wood in iron frames.