Aasa Charlotta Ingerardóttir photographer has a double set of citizenships, having spent equally many years living in Sweden and Iceland. She lived in Saudi Arabia while attending a boarding school (Sigtunaskolan Humanistiska Läroverket), and graduated from the natural science program in 1992. From 1991 until 1995, she managed roller coasters, flying carpets, ferris wheels and bumper cars in Stockholm, and worked at a ski resort hotel in northern Sweden. Throughout the years, wherever she’s been she has always taken her Minolta along. In fact, she spent all her spare time in the darkroom after school, rather than staying in the classrooms of the textile department, while completing a one year course in old handcraft techniques and art, at an adult community college. In 1995 she intended to go for Paris after having studied French for five years, but instead travelled to Iceland; learnt Icelandic for one year at the university as well as taking several courses in the textile department of the Technical College in Reykjavík, getting a driver’s license for working vehicles and completing four courses in German at the Secondary school at Ármúli. She has worked at hotels, restaurants and pre schools, and worked some time as a shepherd, before moving into the countryside, to breed all kind of domestic pets and working as a personal assistant for a pensioner.

Aasa Charlotta has been involved in the project from the start, having documented the journey from the invention of prototypes, through furniture out of the wood from the Reykjavík harbour. Furthermore she went to Germany and France last year to keep records of the potential working areas there, by photographing the settings. She will continue photographing the scene in cooperation with The Equator Artists Group. She has been involved in establishing the company 40,074KM from the beginning and is a co-entrepreneur of the Equator Memorial Project, International Itinerant Artists Project.